Custom Call Flow

With our Call Flow software, you have the capacity to create custom call flows that work with your calls getting to the correct party at all times

Custom Call Flow


With our Call Flow software, you have the capacity to create custom call flows that work with your calls getting to the correct party at all times. One of the amazing features of custom call flow is that it allows you to have a full-featured interactive voice response system that helps to guide incoming callers to the correct department or customer care agent that is best positioned to solve their problems. This IVR system has as many numbers and extensions that you will need to ensure all your customers are attended to.

Configuring a Custom Call Flow is very easy with our software. It comes with preset custom call flows that you can use, or you can build your own call flow chart.


This software is quite powerful and allows users to have the best customer service experience and also the business is able to serve as many customers at the same time. Here are some of the features to look out for when using our Custom Call Flow software for businesses.


Game-Changing Features


    1. Personalized call greeting

This feature helps a business to welcome their customers with a customized message that callers can hear when they call in. The message can even be prayed to the caller at any point in time during the call.

    1. Geo-Routing

Customer service can be made more efficient by analyzing the incoming calls to get zip code or area code and then transferring the call to the designated flow area. This is a great way to deal with calls in an efficient and effective manner.

    1. Responsive call routing

The system is smart enough to route calls based on their location on the website, status of their leads and other criteria such as a webpage, marketing campaign and so on. This allows the calls to be directed to the right agents who are knowledgeable about that are for easy conversion.

    1. Simultaneous call forwarding

Our software has the option to pick up as much as ten phone calls simultaneously and arrange them in a queue for the customer care agents to deal with. Customer calls are also directed automatically to the first customer care agent that can answer the call.

    1. Voicemail

Conveniently take messages from customers who are unable to get through and leave voicemails. The software also provides convenient transcriptions of voice messages left by clients.

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Enjoy professional custom call flow with our software as well as call tracking to enjoy the best in customer care solutions with your call agents. Let us handle your customer phone calls with ease. Call us today or send an email for a free consultation.


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