Creating Customer Satisfaction

Businesses fail to build up easy reachability for customers and get the questions answered in time. Many of the calls go busy or missed because of non-availability of agents. Failure to answer the calls in the time effects sales managers motive of gathering sales data and further, analyze the calling trend. This lowers down the overall business productivity.

Creating Customer Satisfaction


1. Campaign Building with Virtual Number

Using a unique extension for each campaign such as print ad, banner ad or other marketing campaigns helps to track which channel is giving us more revenue. This way geographic details of the caller such as time of call and source can be captured. And as using virtual number all the calls can be recorded in CRM so, any missed out information can be easily tracked. This helps to keep a track of which customers have actually turned into prospects.

2. Promoting Toll-Free Number with SMS Campaign

Using toll-free number with any particular SMS campaign helps to build a credible business image and use the personalized approach to reaching out to the customers. You can configure and host SMS functionality of any toll-free number without disrupting existing voice traffic. Before creating SMS content for your campaign, it is important to categorize the customer list. And for each list, a unique toll-free number can be used which helps further, to track the list of customers that can actually, give us revenue.

3. Branding with Toll-Free Numbers

Creating qualified leads can be a daunting task. But, with toll-free numbers, it becomes easy to build global connectivity and make business approachable everywhere. And it is quite easy to implement toll-free number on any phone set up without making any much modifications. As discussed above it improves the conversion rate and return on investment.


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