Cloud PBX Follows You Wherever You Go

With remote workforce growing larger in number, employees need a solution that can help them connect over the same platform easily. Doesn’t matter you are at home, in a hotel room or coffee shop, Cloud PBX features such as call routing, call forwarding and call conferencing options gives you the flexibility to keep your business functioning. In fact, while relocating to any other location or expanding your business services, cloud PBX enables to keep your entire office staff stay connected.

Cloud PBX Follows You Wherever You Go

1.Using Business Intelligence for Working Smartly

Cloud PBX solution providers offer services that integrate and synchronize into the CRM systems, ERP solutions, and other business applications. After doing a match with clients number that exists in the CRM, ERP and call tracking systems, you get a notification immediately when a new or existing customer calls. You can also access the notes from the previous meetings, see the entire customer data, analyze the entire call records for providing better customer support.

2. Better Control Over Systems

In comparison to on-premise solutions, cloud PBX offers better user interface, ease of access and a dashboard to check, monitor and control calls in real-time. Control over extension level call forwarding gives businesses option to manage key features such as ring groups, auto attendant and where the numbers are directing to.

3. Availability of Constant Support

Cloud-based PBX allows organizations to provide full-time support as the entire back-end worries are managed by the expert team without paying any extra costs. This way IT resources can be reduced and in the case of an emergency the required resources are always available. On moving to cloud-pbx systems, service providers ensure SLA are followed with 99.99% up time.


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