Campaign Strategy and How it works?

An effective campaign strategy requires sub-strategies for specific aspects of campaign implementation: The communications strategy, which outlines key messages, and the channels and tools by which the campaign will communicate with the target audiences.

Campaign Strategy and How it works?


Why is a campaign important?

A specific, defined series of activities used in marketing a new or changed product or service, or in using new marketing channels and methods.

Campaigns are a very important part of your work as a community activist. Campaigns are often the main way that you interact with the clients and get your organisation’s message out to audiences. You can also use campaigns to pressurize decision-makers, to educate the clients and to change the business flow. A marketing campaign isn’t something that comes to you while you’re taking a shower.  Well thought-out and focused on details and execution, rather than resting on a single, grand idea. Planning a marketing campaign starts with understanding your position in the marketplace and ends with details such as the wording of an advertisement.

Keep in mind that your plan for a marketing campaign is not supposed to be a prison. You have to leave room to make changes as you go along because no plan can perfectly capture reality. But you should also be able to commit fully to implementing your plan–or some future version of it–if you want to take a strong step toward growth.

Here are some ways to launch your campaign:

Speak at community events. Offering your expertise at public occasions is an easy way to get the word out about your business. You’ll maximize your impact and lend credibility to your product or service.

Ask customers for referrals. Generating referrals from current customers is one of the best ways to market your business. Don’t forget to query your vendors (they’re likely to have many contacts) and explain to your customers exactly what kinds of referrals you’re looking for and how they can help.

Spend two days in your customers’ shoes. To find out what your customers really want, visit a wide range of businesses they’re likely to frequent. Observe how customers are treated, as well as the kinds of services that appear important to them; then adapt your business accordingly.

Offer free samples. If you can get someone to try your product or service, chances are they’ll buy it later. Have employees pass out product samples in front of your business; if you provide a service, offer free services on a trial basis.

What should a marketing strategy achieve?

  • Your strategy will depend on where you want your business to go – it forms part of your overall business aims.
  • The following are examples of what your overall business aim might be, and marketing strategies that you could use to achieve it:
    • Increase sales
    • Bring in new customers
    • Get existing customers to buy more
    • Introduce a new product or service
    • Increase market share
    • Better establish your brand
    • Improve customer loyalty
    • Launch an advertising campaign
    • Launch a PR campaign
    • Encourage word of mouth
    • Increase market share
    • Retain existing profitable customers
    • Make customers feel more valued
    • Offer existing customers exclusive offers
    • Ensure business stays fresh and new
  • Whatever your marketing strategy covers, you should definitely put it down in writing.
  • Make everything simple to understand, realistic, and with a clear path of action.
  • It will then become part of your longer and more detailed marketing plan, which is the document that deals with a more overarching and long-term view of your business (and so makes up a section of your business plan).
  • Be ready to adapt your marketing strategy as and when necessary – there are an infinite number of factors that could require a change. It’s flexibility that’ll keep you ahead of the competition.


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