Campaign Reports

Prove the Value of Your Marketing Efforts With Campaign Reporting

Campaign Reports

What Are Campaigns?

Your contacts are the heart of your marketing and sales strategies and the source of revenue for your business. And if your contacts are so important, you should be able to tell if your marketing efforts are providing value to them (and, eventually, revenue for the business).

A campaign is a marketing initiative focused on reaching a specific goal. Campaigns tend to be focused on one type of public Image. This public image is sometimes broken down into a segment of contacts who you’re trying to send a single message to or drive a specific conversion (action) from.

Take, for example, an event you have coming up. Maybe it’s a webinar, an in-person training, or another type of event that’s focused on educating your users about contact management.

It’s a time-bound event you have a date for, but it’s part of a larger initiative for your marketing team. The short-term push of the campaign is to get people to register for your webinar, but the long-term goal is growth around contact management.

Using the campaign tool with Nextrings, you can group all the different associated assets together, and manage and analyze them together. You can tag each marketing asset (landing page for registration, emails, social messages, blog posts for promotion, etc.) with the same Nextrings campaign.

Benefits of Campaign Reporting:

  • 1.     Reduce Time-consuming Manual Tasks
  • 2.     Improve Accuracy
  • 3.     Holistic Insight and Analysis
  • 4.     Manage Ever Changing Workloads and Focus Your Marketing Efforts
  • 5.     Increase Productivity and Cut Costs

See What a Unified Analytics Dashboard Can Do For You:

Capture all your marketing data in one place. Automate your reporting. Create custom reporting widgets to creatively display data in seconds rather than hours of consolidating in Excel. Deploy custom branded interfaces to your clients. Scale and segment your configurations.


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