Call Tracking Services to Track Phone Conversions

As a small business owner, gathering offline data and analyzing it might not seem as essential to your marketing efforts as online analytics does. But in all actuality, if you’re receiving phone calls from customers then you’re already missing out on valuable leads by not tracking them. Tracking calls gives you invaluable insight into how prospective customers interact with your business offline. It gives you information about the sources of the incoming calls, where they were placed from, when they were made and much more.

Call Tracking Services to Track Phone Conversions

Why Your Local Business Needs Call Tracking

Small businesses need measurable marketing campaigns to help them gauge what works and what doesn’t. And one way to analyze your offline marketing campaigns is through call tracking.

At the bare minimum, call tracking allows users to assign different phone numbers to different online and offline marketing campaigns. When a prospect calls on one of these numbers, their call is forwarded to your main business phone number and they are connected with a customer sales representative.

Having different numbers appear on different campaigns makes it possible for business owners to determine which marketing strategy was most effective in terms of generating phone traffic. In addition to this, phone call tracking enables you to track some valuable metrics such as:

  • Call volume. The number of calls you receive over a given duration can help you identify patterns that will allow you to optimize your marketing strategies.
  • Call duration. Measuring call durations allows you to evaluate which marketing campaigns were more effective and led to prolonged phone calls.
  • First-time callers. Since call tracking services keep a record of all incoming calls, it’s easy to isolate prospects who are first-time callers. This tells you which marketing campaigns were most effective at bringing in new phone leads.

Simply put, call tracking can give you a clear-cut assessment of how customers interact with your business offline and how effective your marketing campaigns truly are.


Nextrings is a powerful call tracking service that focuses on helping you track your customers’ journeys across online and offline channels. It features keyword-level attribution and mobile click-to-call tracking allowing you to measure phone calls placed from mobile devices.

The standout feature on offer with CallTrackingMetrics is its built-in text messaging functionality that allows users to manage their contacts and text campaigns. Additionally, the service comes with its own call management system that gives you call tracking and call center software in a single platform.

Key Features:

  • Send and receive text messages via tracking phone numbers.
  • Different report types including call reports, live agent reports, and ROI reports.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and Google Adwords.


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