Call Recordings & Detailed Analytics

Call tracking provides marketers with both qualitative and quantitative information. Call recordings give marketers and business owners information about call details and conversations.

Call Recordings & Detailed Analytics
Call Recordings
This type of information is particularly useful to assess the quality of customer service and employee performance as previously mentioned. Typically out of scope for marketers (although data and ideas about how to build customer relationships and improve retention could certainly reveal itself inside call recordings).
Marketers tend to focus more on the quantitative and analytical data that call tracking provides.
Marketers can measure and understand the following using call tracking analytics:

Detailed Analytics

Call scoring has always been important to marketers.

In some cases clients want a better understanding of the call quality and challenge marketers on the reported calls. Having call scoring data is really helpful during these conversations.

The first call scoring was reserved for brands and marketers with large budgets and big ticket items.

In the early days of call scoring, some call tracking providers working with automotive companies used crowd-sourced ‘humanatic’ call scoring, paying people to listen to calls and rate them.

However, with advancements in voice recognition and machine learning, several call tracking companies have invested in automated call scoring technologies that are quite effective.

Marketers can arm themselves with call scoring data and help reinforce the results of reporting on campaign performance to clients.

Call detail reports can also provide advertisers information about the average time they spend on a call. As marketers we can help inform businesses with this type of data and its associated implications.

For example, call length can suggest a certain level of call quality, but other conclusions can be made as well.

If the average time on call is more than 10 minutes and you’re a nail salon, you may want to consider adding more information for customers about your business and services online, for example.

Business owners will also find data around average call times valuable to determine how engaging their call representatives are with customers on the phone.


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