Call Queue Management

Using virtual receptionist, ACD functionalities of predictive dialer customers can quickly set up connectivity with the required agent and get assistance as per their convenience. When customers’ call gets directed to desired extension (agent with required skills) then it kills all the possibilities of the way customers may think about your competitors. Call queue management offers the feature to ensure all incoming calls are entertained well in time. And agents, operators are aware of the calls in line.

Call Queue Management

1. Using First Contact Resolution Methodology

A popular metric for tracking the efficiency of the contact center is whether the customer’s issue is coming up for the first time or has been approaching for the same issue repeatedly. Consumer pulse research study has revealed that globally, 82% of customers that switched their service provider in 2013 could have stayed with a company if their issue had been resolved in the first contact.

Providing resolution to customer’s problem in one go encourages agents to get to the root of the problem and doesn’t make a repeat call, which reduces the overall time spent on handling calls and thus, speeds up the query resolution process. As a result, instead of spending 5 calls on one customer, the issue gets resolved by just one call. It is also known as first contact resolution (FCR).

2. Setting up Multiple Channels

Enabling multiple channels for solving customer problems can satisfactory resolve customer issues. Using one toll-free number with multiple extensions and each extension designated a specific channel such as agent’s voice mail, email, or even personal phone (as per company’s policies) can be done to quickly provide resolution, lowered call abandonment rate and build customer loyalty. Building loyalty among customers leads to improved customer retention rate.


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