Call Extension

A call extension is an ad extension in Google Ads (formerly AdWords) that will show your phone number alongside your ad. On mobile this can show up as a “click-to-call” button.

Call Extension

How Does a Call Extension Work?

One of many “ad extensions” you can run within Google Ads, call extensions append your phone number to your ad on the SERP. You can add these phone numbers at an account level, campaign level, or ad group level depending on what works best per the size and structure of your account.

These call extensions won’t always show up though. Google chooses to show extensions it believes will most likely improve the performance of the ad. Additionally, Google has a minimum Ad Rank that your ads must meet in order to show and your ad has to be showing high enough on the SERP. Google only has a limited amount of page real estate above the organic listings to show ads, so only the top position ads (typically 1 and 2), are able to show extensions.

Who Uses Call Extensions?

Any advertiser looking to receive calls to their business should be using call extensions. This ensures that in addition to seeing compelling ad copy and your website URL, prospects who’ve searched for your brand or product see your business phone number, and if they’re so inclined can call it.

How to Set Up a Call Extension:

To set up a call extension you’ll need to navigate to the “Ad Extensions” tab and select “Call Extensions” from the “View” drop down.


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