Call Attribution and Analytics

Businesses today focus on reaching users across multiple sources (channels) such as television, smartphones, internet, print ads, digital ads, podcasts, videos and more. Customer interactions with each of these channels can now be attributed to their sources, tracked across time and analyzed to better understand customer behavior.

Call Attribution and Analytics

The wisdom you collect from multi channel attribution data will help influence important decisions within your marketing efforts. Knowing each channel that leads visited before converting paints a picture of which efforts are working and which efforts need some attention. Here are a few of the ways you can use the data collected from attribution tracking:

  • Effectively measure which online marketing channels lead to offline call conversions.
  • Use the insight you’ve received from your multi channel attribution data to optimize current campaigns and plan cost-effective future campaigns.
  • Gain a complete view of client behavior, which will allow you to effectively create your marketing budget, and provide your internal and external clients with proof of successful marketing campaigns.

Complete Attribution from Marketing Source to Sale

  • Marketing Attribution: Capture the marketing channel, campaign, ad, keyword search, and other marketing interaction that drove each call. Accurately measure CPL by attributing how your marketing programs drive calls.
  • Website Interaction:  See each visitor’s site activity before, during, and after the call, including their entry page and the page they called from. Optimize website experiences to drive more call conversions.
  • Caller Profile Data: Capture who the caller is, their phone number and geographic location, the day and time of the call, their device and browser, and more. Use profile data to personalize the customer experience and improve ad targeting.
  • The Conversation: Capture if the call was answered and what was said, then analyze conversations for actionable insights. Prove lead quality, evaluate agent performance, and optimize for the keywords callers speak.
  • Sales Outcome: Know which calls from each source are legitimate sales leads and which convert to opportunities and revenue. Optimize marketing ROI by driving more calls that lead to revenue.

Nextrings Source IQ provides deep, real-time analytics on calls and conversations from every marketing source to every location, call center, and agent. Businesses use Source IQ to understand how their marketing drives calls and customers and make smarter optimizations to drive revenue. For many businesses, a phone conversation is the best way to acquire customers. To optimize marketing to generate more calls at a lower cost, the world’s top brands and agencies use Nextrings.


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