Building A Robust Call Routing Channel

Call routing helps to reap most out of incoming calls and maximize sales number. There are multiple ways to route the calls to nearest store based upon business hours ensuring the call gets answered in the best possible manner. Routing based on demography allows to serve customers based on specific attributes and enhances the overall customer’s journey. Using ACD software or call forwarding feature, calls can be routed to the agents which possess specific skills. For instance, 50-year old male calls up for inquiring about product details. So, using skill-based routing agents who are more experienced in handling customers of this age group can handle this call.

Building A Robust Call Routing Channel

Building Omni-Channel Experience

Enabling customers find the answers to concerns using multiple channels can help to enhance customer service experience significantly. Building an omni-channel self-service channel allow customers to initiate communication in one channel and continue it on the other. For instance, if a customer comes up with a problem over Facebook and situation turns to the phone call, the agent doesn’t have to ask a customer for the explanation of the problem all over again.

Another amazing way to develop easy reachability for your customers is to integrate SMS service with toll free number. The Toll-Free number allows visitors of your website to send SMS at your number without any charge. It simply starts by purchasing a toll free SMS plan which is quicker than email service as they can instantly reach you via SMS. Also, it eliminates internet dependability. A study has been revealed by Open Market, which states that two-way texting with toll free numbers is on the rise.


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