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How is a VoIP Phone System Set Up?

Network Assessment With the Needs Assessment documented, you’ll move to the Local Area Network Assessment next. When a VoIP Phone system uses your LAN, you […]


The Disadvantages of VoIP

High Internet Bandwidth Needed If your VoIP system doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth or your business is in a rural area, call quality can be impacted. Voice quality […]


VoIP Systems Reliability

Low Cost When comparing VoIP phone systems versus traditional phone services, VoIP is less expensive. Instead of paying ongoing fixed phone carriage fees, the voice […]


How Can a VoIP Phone System Help My Small Business?

Small and startup businesses Costs VoIP technology enables your broadband internet connection to convert that connection into a phone line allowing VoIP phone systems to […]


How Much Do VoIP Phone Systems Cost?

VoIP Cost Per Month When trying to find out an overall cost of a VoIP phone system, you will notice pricing starts around $25 per […]


Which VoIP Hosting Option is the Best?

Hosted VoIP (Cloud VoIP) When choosing an off-site hosted solution you will need to pay a recurring subscription (often on a tiered pricing model) to […]


Wireless VoIP

So, what you have is a Wireless VoIP Phone with a built-in WiFi or a Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) transceiver unit. That transceiver unit […]


What is a VoIP Gateway?

How does a VoIP gateway work? VoIP gateways operate as bridges between an IP network and the PSTN. Depending on where the voice traffic originates, […]



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