Best Practices When Choosing a Business Phone Service

With a VOIP service, you can integrate telephony with your business technology platforms such as email, video conferencing, virtual faxing, productivity, employee training, ERP, and CRM software. As discussed previously, there are two main phone system types based on connection: landline and VOIP. However, there are subtypes and hybrid variants you should also know about

Best Practices When Choosing a Business Phone Service

Here are a few tips that will help you identify the best phone system for your company:

  1. Understand why you need to upgrade, install, or replace a business phone service.
    1. What are your goals?
    2. Which system — if any —  do you use currently?
    3. Which specific features and capabilities do you need in a telephone service?
  2. Assess the current and potential call volume for your business based on employee count, office locations, and voice-based engagement with customers, vendors, partners, teams, and other stakeholders.
  3. Consider your scalability options when it comes to future growth. Go for a service that fits your strategy.
  4. Make an audit of the resources, platforms, and technology stack with which you want to integrate the phone service. Determine if the local internet service is of adequate quality and speed for VOIP solutions.
  5. Allocate a reasonable budget for the phone system.
  6. Scour the telephony systems market for a service or provider that match your budget and operational needs.
  7. Research the track records of service providers specially their reputation when it comes to reliability and customer support.
  8. Snoop around and discover which systems/service providers are being used by industry leaders.
  9. Make a shortlist of your options.
  10. Request for demos and try/stress test the shortlisted services before signing up.


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