Automatic Campaigns

Automatic campaigns are a great way to get started with Sponsored Products advertised as they do not require or allow you to specify keywords. Automatic campaigns work best when the listing’s title, bullet points, product description, and keywords are optimized.

Automatic Campaigns

If you have selected multiple automatic campaigns, such as email campaigns or SMS campaigns, you will have access to the global statistics of the selected automatic campaigns (and not just one automatic campaign). Automatic campaigns are great data mines to find what search terms are working best for your products.

To analyze the statistics of a single automatic campaign, you must first identify the campaign you want to study.

You can analyze the statistics of each of the messages that make up your workflow by clicking on the “Statistics” button next to each message in your campaign, in the “Results” tab of your automatic campaign workflow.

It is possible that the statistics of your automatic campaign are boosted (or on the contrary, penalized) by one of the stages of your campaign scenario.

It is therefore important to analyze precisely which email or SMS in your campaign is performing, and conversely which ones could to be improved.

For this, you can analyze the statistics for each step of your automatic campaign scenario.

Benefits of Automatic Campaigns:

  • Great for PPC beginners because of the easy setup.
  • You get to skip the hassle of entering keyword bids and have more time to read my blog.
  • If you run an automatic campaign, the Search Engine will collect data for you to apply to future campaigns. Also, tracks clicks and spends, usually taking 2 to 4 days to process. It may take up to 2 to 4 weeks to gather enough data to see which campaigns are doing well.
  • Automatic campaigns allow for experimentation without putting that much effort in.
  • They allow you to show up for long-tail research you may have never guessed people would search for.


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