Assess Potential Threats to Operations

The best way to lessen the effects of a disaster is to have a plan locked in place that every level of the company understands. Would business functions be able to remain at least partially operational if the power went out? Do you have all important digital information backed up in the cloud? These are just some of the important questions to consider. Here we’ll explore ways you can prepare your IT team and, in turn, your entire company for an emergency situation.

Assess Potential Threats to Operations

Assess Potential Threats to Operations

Every business has different threats depending on location, size and industry. Threats can include natural disasters (like tornadoes or floods).

Cyber attacks, data breaches, equipment malfunctions and server failure are common as well. As a CIO, it’s important to focus on the technological threats that could impact the success of your company.

For example, a snowstorm can knock out power for days. A flood can disrupt transportation and equipment. A cyber-attack can leave critical information vulnerable.

If there are industry-specific threats to information or technology your company is dependent upon, you should identify them.

There is a wide range of potential disasters that could paralyze your business. Each will pose a different level of risk to the company. You will need to determine which threats are most plausible, which will have the greatest impact and how you will tackle them should they occur.


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