Adaptive Intelligent Routing

Adaptive Intelligent Routing (AIR) collects and distributes intelligence across the mobile network to optimize data transport.

Adaptive Intelligent Routing

Intelligent route planning for your fleet

Tele-Communication data traffic worldwide is predicted to increase by nearly 30 times by the year 2015. To keep pace and profit from this growth, you need to manage traffic efficiently and offer new services. Adaptive Intelligent Routing (AIR) extends the intelligence of the packet core to additional products in the tele-communication network. This increases network efficiency and service opportunities.

Advanced delivery route planning

Select all the clients you would like to service over a specified period. For your convenience, the client locations will be displayed on a map. Our filtering and grouping functions allow you to fine tune your service areas visually right off the bat.

Configure your optimization as needed. We are capable of handling constraints such as time windows, vehicle capacities as well as custom numeric constraints. You can also specify the types of vehicles in your fleet and optimize against each of their operational costs. Our algorithm handles all of the heavy lifting for you – at the press of a button.

Optimize Your Networks

  • Lower the cost of mobile data traffic by providing service intelligence at the edge of the network
  • Take full advantage of the control plane in the packet core to maintain a quality service experience

Use Intelligent Routing to Earn More

AIR transforms the centralized and hierarchical network to a one in which network and subscriber intelligence is distributed across the network. It provides optimal traffic transport for an enhanced service experience and reduces network costs.

Cisco AIR intelligently directs service traffic at the network edge, including:

  • Routing low-value traffic straight to the Internet
  • Routing high-priority or low-latency traffic without going deep into the packet core
  • Keeping localized traffic local
  • Creating new services and business models

Sync your planned routes directly to your drivers via our companion Android App. Your drivers can use the app to navigate to their next destination and log their activities at each client.

Simply assign a created route to one of your drivers and save it. A notification will automatically be sent to that driver’s app indicating that a new route has been received for the day.


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