Toll Free Number Features You Will Love

With toll free number service businesses can easily connect with their clients anytime and anywhere and give them the ability to connect with you for free. This also helps in overcome business communication challenges such as cost and 24×7 availability in many ways. From calling to messaging, toll free numbers provide the flexibility to manage business communications smoothly in many ways.If you are using or planning to buy a toll free number, here are the top five features you would be keen to know about.

Toll Free Number Features You Will Love

1. Click-2-Call Functionality

Integrating click-2-call functionality with vanity or toll free numbers provides businesses flexibility to connect with the business services using any device irrespective of their location. With click-2-call functionality, there is no need for manual dialing and it lowers the possibilities of dialing errors. It also helps in converting online traffic to leads by allowing them to call by just clicking on the number, thus, results in better conversion rate and user-friendly experience.

2. Smart Call Queue Integration

You have a CRM in place, integration of CRM with call queue management automatically syncs outbound and inbound call information to the respective contact, lead, or account in the CRM systems. Using this feature, the entire call details and recording can be instantly mapped in the CRM system. It also increases agents’ productivity directly by reducing the hold times and increasing the number of calls handled per hour.


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