6 Ways VoIP is Impacting Social Media

Out of the numerous innovations made last year, VoIP technology made a lasting effect on social media. Many of the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are constantly evolving to enable people to connect easily. With constant evolution, social media platforms have now started to make a strong mark over VoIP services.

6 Ways VoIP is Impacting Social Media

The current business phone systems have started to utilize VoIP technology more than before in order to streamline its communication channel. With the increasing use of mobile devices, integration of VoIP technology with social media platform is becoming an obvious choice for business owners.
Facebook, that needs no introduction, started off as the desktop website and as the world moved towards mobile, these platforms were developed to make them mobile-friendly.

Mobile apps such as WhatsApp and text-free applications have expanded beyond voice-calling and handles tasks such as uploading videos, sharing content, photos with friends. This way intermingling of VoIP and several social media platforms allows companies to enable customer engagement in a much better way.

1. Expanding Customer Reachability

When you opt for VoIP services, you will be able to foster customer feedback through tweets and status updates. Implementing VoIP services not only improves the customer retention rate but also builds up a business space where customers can quickly respond to conversations and assists in creating strong networks.

2. Ideal Platform for Product Promotion

Through various social media channels, business owners can easily socialize its products. Based upon the intensity of customer engagement in different channels, it is easy for businesses to socialize products category-wise and increase the sales number tremendously. This helps to meet specific needs and expectations of customers.


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