6 Ways Businesses Can Detangle VoIP-Based Communication Hassles

VoIP is no longer a buzzword or an emerging trend. The world of communication industry significantly relies upon VoIP-based services as it is essential for smooth business functioning. It makes an obvious choice for businesses as VoIP-enabled business processes not only improves the in-house team member’s efficiency but also brings a drastic improvement in customer satisfaction and retention rates.

6 Ways Businesses Can Detangle VoIP-Based Communication Hassles

But it’s not that easy to make a switch to VoIP-based communication set-up. Before making the move businesses need to consider different ways VoIP can aid to help a company grow. VoIP-based set ups may bring up call quality issues so, in order to ensure excellent audio quality, various parameters must be addressed in advance.

1. Running a VoIP Quality Test

Before making the final choice of service provider, business owners must test the quality of service, download speed, upload speed, jitter, packet-loss and the number of simultaneous calls that can be supported on your existing network. Download and upload speed helps to determine whether speed is enough to support high-quality VoIP communication. QoS (Quality of service) helps to determine if any fluctuations exist in current internet speed. Packet-loss and jitter are another measure to determine the consistent flow of data.

2. Accurate Configuration of QoS Router

The configuration of routers with QoS settings prioritizes the voice traffic coming to and from the internet which improves the overall voice quality. Some of the high-quality routers such as D-Link DIR-655 and EdgeMarc 200AE1-10 can be used to improve voice quality. The former one supports lines fewer than 10 phones with light to the normal phone and internet use. The later one can support 5-20 phones and comprises VPN capabilities, IDS/IPS, firewall, web content and mail filtering.


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