30 Customer Service Tips That Will Genuinely Delight Your Customers in 2019

This guide breaks down 30 actionable customer service tips to help you step up your customer service game in 2019. We’ll explain how to leverage certain strengths and relationships with your clients that big corporations can’t replicate. With our customer service best practices below, you can keep your customers delighted every single time they interact with your brand.

30 Customer Service Tips That Will Genuinely Delight Your Customers in 2019

Why are Businesses Still Struggling with Customer Service?

A recent report by NewVoiceMedia shows that companies across America lose $75 billion annually because of poor customer service. The team at Nextiva rounded up over 100 customer service trends and statistics that give even deeper insight into why businesses are failing to satisfy their customers.

Managers and CEOs that fail to address poor customer service within their organization are going to struggle in 2019. With the customer being king, it’s going to be hard to ignore the importance of customer reviews now.

The top 2 reasons why businesses fail at Customer Support

1) Bad training

Companies are failing to empower their representatives. Instead of giving them the autonomy to do what’s right for the customer, reps find themselves roadblocked by rules and corporate scripts. The best customer service examples show that employees with autonomy and access to resources serve customers better.

2) Bad hiring

Many people look at customer service jobs as a “way in” to the professional world, but they are not passionate about customer service. Often, people go into customer service just because they “need a job.” It’s vital to hire people who can truly talk to other people and are willing to learn as they work.

These individuals are ambassadors to your brand, and how they react to a problem is a direct reflection on your company’s values. It’s okay to check references and conduct several interviews until you’ve managed to find the perfect person to fill this role.


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