10 Must Have Phone Systems Features That Every Business Needs

Versatile and dynamic phone systems are crucial for any modern business and its internal operations and infrastructure. This infographic aims to simplify the basic features of an effective business phone system and helps you better understand how these modern features are absolutely necessary for businesses today.

10 Must Have Phone Systems Features That Every Business Needs

1. Find Me/ Follow Me: Allows business agents to make and receive calls from anywhere (your office, or from your home). And if for some reason the call is not connected, this feature then forwards the call to the voicemail.

2. Music on Hold: This feature allows business to play music to callers placed on hold. From a customer experience standpoint, this feature is very crucial.

3. Voicemail to E-mail Transcription: This feature allows calls that have been forwarded to the voicemail to be viewed as e-mails.

4. Call Blasting: This feature is widely popular in the call center industry as it lets businesses to contact multiple numbers simultaneously.

5. Call Screening: This feature allows the system to sort out unwanted, irrelevant, or spam callers to save the agent’s time.

6. Call Hunting: This feature systematically forwards incoming calls to all agents/numbers until it is answered and significantly reduces the number of dropped calls.
7. Do Not Disturb: This feature is self-explanatory and allows agents to stop incoming calls for a certain amount of time.

8. Smart IVR Service: This feature lets businesses set up IVR menus which further helps to drive productivity and efficiency of the phone system up.

9. Call Conferencing: The call conferencing features lets agents, clients, and others to collaborate over a call for greater connectivity in real-time.

10. Call Forwarding: This feature of modern phone system lets agents forward incoming calls to other agents or numbers, to ensure that the call gets answered.


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