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77 billion inbound calls were made by high-intent mobile consumers to local businesses in 2014. Inbound call volume is predicted to grow 110% to 162 billion by 2019

50% of buyers choose the vendor or service that responds first.

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With NextRings, you’ll find your entire workflow and the world’s most powerful analysis algorithms available behind the industry’s most easy-to-use interface.

Track Every Inbound Call

Instantly create a local or toll-free phone number for each of your marketing channels to automatically track every inbound call that is seamlessly routed to your phone.

View your call activity in real-time including caller name, call recording, and so much more. Tag calls to categorize good and bad leads and optimize campaigns in real-time.

At a glance you can see the total number of calls and first time callers on each campaign in a given time period.

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feature image

Custom Call Flow

Easily build call flows to route every call to the right person.

Create customized IVRs as well as call flows that are designed specifically for you and your clients

For outgoing calls, you can broadcast a Custom Call Flow to play a message, then let contacts press a key to acknowledge your message, to unsubscribe, or to forward the call to an agent.

Live Call Reporting

See your phone calls in real-time. Shorten the feedback loop so you can make better marketing decisions faster.

Follow the trail to keep track of all your calls with Call Flow Tracking while knowing the most effective marketing campaigns, website pages and keywords that are helping you drive phone calls and conversions.

Get the complete visibility into performance with call reporting feature that allows real-time reporting.

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